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Making it back the the CrossFit Games is hard when you are 30th or worse

Once you make it to the CrossFit Games, you historically have a greater than 50% chance of returning again the following year.

However, looking at the athletes that have failed to qualify for consecutive seasons if you finish 30th or worse, things are pretty bleak. 

On the men’s side, in 2021 there were 14 CrossFit Games athletes that failed to qualify in 2022.  7 of those athletes finished 30th or worse.  From the 2022 Games, 16 men did not qualify for the 2023 Games, with 7 of them coming from athletes that finished 30th or worse.  

On the women’s side of the leaderboard the numbers are similar.  From the 2021 Games athletes 18 failed to qualify for 2022, with 7 coming from the group that finished 30th or wrose.  For the 2023 Games, the number of athletes that failed to qualify from the previous year was 20, which included 8th from the bottom 11 women.

Colten Mertens has beat the odds twice.  In 2021 he finished 31st, and in 2022 he finished 32nd before breaking out and finishing 18th at the Games in 2023. 

If the stats look bad already, don’t finish 30th.  So far in the Semifinals era, no athlete who has finished in 30th place at the CrossFit Games has qualified for the CrossFit Games again the following year.

In 2021, Regan Huckaby and Zach Watts finished 30th.  In 2022, Regan Huckaby did not compete.  In 2022, Zach Watts made it to Semifinals, where he finished 22nd at the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.

In 2022, Rebecca Fuselier and Alexandre Caron held 30th place.  Fuselier competed at North America West Semifinals in 2023, where she finished 21st.  Caron qualified for the North America East Semifinal, but was medically withdrawn from the competition after Test 2.

Can the 2023 30th fittest people on earth, Alexia WIlliams and Any Haynes break that trend?

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